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Hi Allibee,

Welcome to Aeclectic. I'm also a bit of a newbie here, but it's just fab

I've been working with computer graphics for a *long* time and certainly I've looked at all ways possible to try to stop piracy.

There are pretty simple ways around any graphics protection system (including Digimarking), so they're pretty much a waste of my nonexistent resources. I've never met a graphic I couldn't grab within a few seconds. Still, the same is true of scanning from a magazine, or taping off the radio, so it's kind of inevitable. *shrug*

I only EVER put my images up at screen-appropriate size/res, so any print-based pirated version is going to look completely cruddy anyway. This won't stop people stealing your stuff, but hopefully it will mean that it can't be at sufficient quality for it to be commercially viable.

I wish I could afford to rely on the law, as legal protection of copyright is really the only way to prevent piracy altogether.

Aside from economic & legal barriers, hopefully karma will help out too. I figure these people will probably get what's coming to them in some way or another!
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