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Rider Waite influence on GT2

Aside from making them much easier to read, the reason the new cards are so much more detailed is for copyright purposes. The originals contained far fewer "elements" per card, whereas the new ones contain, on average, around 20 layers.

Each new card is so heavily collaged that it would impossible for anyone to say that they are not new & unique artworks in their own right.

If you like the older version better then in one way you're in luck, since it's still available for download for personal use at a reasonable size from my site - for free

Having seen them both in print, though, I don't feel that I've done the wrong thing with the direction I took with the new deck. I think the new one looks a hundred times better 'in the flesh'.

But then, unlike an awful lot of people here, I love the Rider Waite deck, both for it's significance in the development in modern Tarot and because it's so easy to read with. As I've personally been using RW to read for 20 years (despite owning around 25 decks) - then in designing to actually READ with, it HAD to be a RW style deck to be true to my own sense of what Tarot is.

I'm the first to admit that GT was always intended to be a cross between Rider Waite and Visconti Sforza. Hopefully, with the readability from the former and the artistic sense of the latter.

I knew I'd get some people off side by following the RW compositions & symbolism so much in GT2, especially experienced readers. Since I have no commercial sensibility whatsoever, though, I knew I could only make the deck based on what I wanted for myself - if I tried to guess the market wanted, I'd be wrong for sure. And yep, what I wanted was a deck that felt immediately familiar....

So, sorry to those of you who aren't RW fans! I guess the moral of the story is you can't please all of the people all of the time
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