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The funniest experience I had was following a conversation I'd had with a friend where I had said that I really hoped that my new boyfriend and I would still be having as passionate and exciting sex as we were initially, that we would still be crazy about each other and trying new things in 5 years, 10 years etc.
I use the Illuminati Tarot Cards as I love their beautiful pictures and imagery and I was doing a "Spiritual Compass" reading - where am I in my life right now, where do I want to be next year, who are you becoming etc. The card I had for "where do I want to be in five years?" was 8 of Swords. My immediate reaction was - seriously, you're telling me that I want to be isolated, self-imprisoned? Until I actually really looked at the picture - the woman is blindfolded, tied up and with a low bodice, almost quite sexy - on a literal basis, I'm assuming it reflected my recently stated desire, that I hoped my boyfriend were still having fun together in years to come
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