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Ride the storm out... maybe get some distance between turbulent emotions and the hard facts... that it creates a precarious balance and requires a bit of juggling, not to get too caught up on one thing but still requires you do deal with it all in such a way you don't have your hands too full (multi tasking)... also to use the light approach, maintain your sense of humor, and remember to find the magic in all things... it's not all hard work or all hard play, but a blend to make it balance.

I didn't read the first post properly, my bad. Maybe for the ship coming in, is looking for a safe harbor, don't know if you've ever gone through rough water and raced a storm, but you are looking for some kind of place to get shelter from that storm, and try to find something on the leeward side of a land mass, so the force of the storm hits the windward side and is deflected around you and you are in a place of calm...

It could also mean you are about to run aground if you don't check your bearings or know what's under the surface.
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