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Wink Whg sells what and where: Answers

Originally Posted by Tibor View Post
Is there a book as well? I thought it's just the deck. Where can you buy that? Is it in English?
Hello Tibor,

Don't be misunderstood: This thread is only dedicated to a facsimile Tarot from Pierre Madenié dated 1709 I have just published on a brand new website named Tarot of Marseilles Heritage. With technical assistance of Wilfried Houdouin.

On his hand, Wilfried elaborated a 22 Majors Tarot of Marseilles's very original deck.
Plus a book about Tarot very original and full of interesting things and informations. Both being sold separately of in a package.
In French only for the moment.
I do recommend both of them.
See his own website French and English:

I think that now all of us will have a more clear picture about this items.

Salutations from Marseilles City

Yves L.M
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