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I know I'm years late here, but I'm working through the forum and have some things to add to the 2 of pentacles conversation.
She is standing in a protected area of the landmass, guarded safely from the storm by the rocks and the tree. Thus her position in the situation allows her to keep on juggling, despite the storm that is brewing on the ocean. If she was in a different place (like the beach) she couldn't keep juggling things. So to me this card speaks of standing on solid ground so that you can continue the balancing act. Remember to not lose your spot and keep checking to see if you are still in a safe area to continue your juggling act.
Perhaps the ship coming in is looking to change their position, so coming into the safe lagoon, into a protected area from the storm. Maybe that is symbolic that even amongst the storm its possible to change your outlook on the situation and make some adjustments.
In the book, this card mentions playfulness and optimism. I really struggle with that. I suppose I do understand that staying optimistic really helps when you are managing many things, but I just don't feel the optimism in the card.
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