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Originally Posted by FLizarraga View Post
Well, I couldn't see any pictures at all. I do suggest that you loan them to me so I can take photos.

By the way, your photobucket is a Tarot smorgasbord. The foil Thoth, the foil BOTA, and all those Pam A, B, C and X variants, Roses & Lilies and Peaches & Cream --all those lovely variations on the Temperance card, for instance. I had a wonderful time perusing all those pictures that of course I couldn't see at all. Would you loan them to me as well?
Hahaha, yes, I use my photobucket whenever I want to post pictures of some tarots here on AT. So there are quite some pictures of my Pam-A,B,C,D and Roses&Lilies on there. As well as the tarot cards I have made for collaborative projects (mostly for the Tarot Collectors Forum). And then there are also pictures on there from my own tarot deck, the Pippa Tarot. But they are in a different folder.

I can't loan them to you, but you can always come and see them in person if ever you come around. And feel free to look around on photobucket. .

Btw, I am glad you like all the variations of the Temperance card that I have made. One of them was for the Nonny Mouse, the others for the Tarot Collectors Forum Tarots. I guess I have something with Temperance.. hahaha.
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