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Originally Posted by velvetina View Post
I hope this question isn't too trite!

I read with the Thoth a lot, and almost always use a trimmed large deck. To me, it seems a perfect size.

I'm wondering how many people prefer the medium, or even the smaller size Thoth?

I was thinking of buying a medium deck, to replace my shabbier working deck, and not bothering with the trimming this time - they look great, but start to split far sooner than the untrimmed decks.

This led to a chat with my tarot colleague (another Thoth devotee!) about large vs medium....and just wondered what others preferred!

I personally don't know anyone who uses the medium or small, even though shuffling is hard for clients. I wonder if it is because the larger version is considered to be more dramatic and imposing?
Small, or a trimmed medium, is good for study and contemplation when you want to lay out many cards at once. Trimmed large is great for clients or contemplating a single card.
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