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Originally Posted by Barleywine View Post
Nicely, thanks! I've been using it for an additional pull at the end of my daily 4-card draw with the DruidCraft, treating it as a "summary" card to replace the quintessence (which hasn't been telling me much). Because it's a fairly large deck dimensionally (only slightly smaller than the DruiidCraft), it works well, the only thing being that many of the cards are dark-toned (and they all have black borders), where the DruidCraft is fairly light. But the Celtic imagery makes it a good companion until I find one that it's more visually compatible with.

To be honest, I need to dig into the card meanings in the book a little more. I couldn't penetrate it past the first couple of pages because of the atrocious editing job.
Sounds like a great pairing! I've been intrigued by this deck since first coming across is...glad it it working well for you so far

It is disappointing about the book though. Hard to see how they could allow that to happen.
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