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Originally Posted by Penthasilia View Post
There are so few "kick in the pants" oracles that I tend to avoid oracle decks as they seem so samey when it comes to meanings.
I agree with you here. I'm not yet ready to delve into tarot but most oracle decks just leave me wanting. Too much light and not enough shadow to balance out the deck.

Originally Posted by Penthasilia View Post
For that reason alone- I caved and ordered the Cosmos tarot and oracle set- which really is like one big oracle as it doesn't follow traditional tarot at all. If you look at some of the YouTube vids- the messages and keywords on those do not play- so I am looking forward to seeing it and working with something that has some meat to it. Plus- with the amount of cards- I can see it being one that can be used often, versus others with less cards that tend to give the same messages over, and over, and over.... regardless of comfy vs in your face.
I love the look of this deck(s)! It's so beautiful! I've been on the fence for a while about whether or not to get this but I think that now knowing it's more like one big oracle, I might just have to cave as well!

Originally Posted by Onion Budgie View Post
Insectorum Divinorum is my go-to pants-kicker oracle. "Watch out behiiiiind you, you big jerkfaaaaaace," it screeches at you, in euphemisms.
Lol I had to laugh when I read this! That sounds like a fun deck!

I only have three decks as it's taken me a while to find artwork and philosophy that appeals to me, plus I like decks that have a decent amount of cards to them and most oracle decks are too small for my liking.

I've found The Messenger Oracle is more on the fluffy side than I wanted. I love the artwork too much though so I might have to see what shadows I can tease out of this deck.

Russian Gypsy cards seem to be pretty straight talking and no nonsense. I haven't had these long (got them at the same time as the Messenger cards a couple of weeks ago), so I still have to get used to them properly, but they seem to go over well with other people too. Although sometimes I feel like their blows need to be softened slightly. They can be a bit piano-through-the-window!

My hands-down favourite for both sweet messages and kick-in-the-pants-ing would have to be Froud's Faeries Oracle. I've found with these guys they seem to know just which type of message you need and give it to you with appropriate force. It's a nicely balanced deck with plenty of cards (66) so you don't feel like you are getting the same cards over and over again. The other thing I like is that you really get double the cards because reversals are used which adds a whole new layer of meaning.

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