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Gilded Tarot Ten of Swords

Light around the swords offer us the wisdom to see the truth and perhps in this case that our own fears inflict pain in us through our dreams or restless periods. I used a magnifying glass to see if the person's eyes were open and to me they look as if they are -- waking up just in the nick of time.[/QUOTE]

Very insightful little meditation on the image. The swords are aiming at the collapsed man, their tips down, out of the gloomy-blue mental air, with all their mental weight upon him. But they are in an aura of golden-orange light, as if their menace could be warmed away by a different attitude about the crisis bringing down the man. The mind can plunge in like a sword or lift up like the dawn. The man's anguish need not be final or fatal.
This image is like a scene from an unknown story, making me wonder: What happened to bring this man to this condition, and what will happen to him? Perhaps we should practice pre-scene and post-scene Tarot imagination with scenic cards.
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