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I love that some of us are mentioning our pets. The first thing I noticed about this card was the expression on the face of the deer, and the way its head is bent. That is exactly the look that my beloved little black dog gives me when something happens. As in, if there is a loud noise outside, or if I've just cursed in anger, or if I've just begun crying. It's almost a look as if to say- well, something disruptive has happened, what are you (and thus, 'we' as a pack), going to do about it?

This makes me believe that the man has done so much overkill (overTHINKING) that he has made himself pass out. The swords not piercing him seems to be an indication of this. He can heal from this and awaken himself, thus banishing the hovering swords. The deer is waiting to see if he will do just that.
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