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Originally Posted by tapestry
Hey, speakin' of the Tudors -- have ya seen 'em on Showtime yet? I bought the DVD set since we don't have's *spectacular* and by far the best thing I've seen about the Tudors yet and I'm a BIG Tudor fan as well...
The historical inaccuracies kinda bother me as they're so pointless, and Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Henry VIII is a totally bizarre bit of casting. Although it's a damned pretty bodice-ripper, so suspending disbelief I really enjoyed it - and I certainly appreciate that it's brought Tudor history to a mainstream US audience.

The funniest thing in the series is the ever-present tailor in Henry's rooms, as an excuse for JRM to be walking around wearing a half-made jacket, so that he can show off his very buff arms. Eye candy, yum! But not very Henry....

The Elizabeth movies and the Starkey TV series manage to be far more historically accurate and yet still really engaging (and very beautiful). They are so worth buying on DVD, I watch them again and again - although I admit I get distracted by admiring the costumes and working out which painting they are from as they're so accurate.
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