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Originally Posted by Poor Wandering One View Post
Yes, I can understand that. What I find puzzling, though, is that the first lesson in the Tarot School correspondence course talks about the woman in the two of swords wearing blue and white. I'm looking at the card right now--she isn't wearing blue and white. She's wearing white with shades of gray.
The Universal Waite is not an original PCS/Waite deck. It was recolored by Mary Hanson-Roberts and the colorings do vary - sometimes considerably. Also a few details were changed or are not clear. For instance, she didn't notice the letters PAX in the stained glass window of the 4 of Swords. I can't find my Universal Waite right now so I don't know how much blue made its way into the gown but it doesn't appear to have been much in the online photos.

I suggest you do an image google search on: 2 of Swords Waite, to see all the variations.
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