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Originally Posted by Teheuti View Post
The Universal Waite is not an original PCS/Waite deck. It was recolored by Mary Hanson-Roberts and the colorings do vary - sometimes considerably. Also a few details were changed or are not clear. For instance, she didn't notice the letters PAX in the stained glass window of the 4 of Swords. I can't find my Universal Waite right now so I don't know how much blue made its way into the gown but it doesn't appear to have been much in the online photos.

I suggest you do an image google search on: 2 of Swords Waite, to see all the variations.
Already did a short one .... its usually an off white robe. Lets see .... white robe , blindfolded, swords ? ? ? It probably has an 'inner meaning' ?
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