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Originally Posted by Jagdamba View Post
FB: P is my little girl

4 of Pentacles

Best case: You'll have more control of the journey and how it plays out. Plus you'll save money. You're a safe driver.

Worst case: It's the cheaper option but it'll make you anxious and car sick. You'll feel a bit lonely on the way.

Q: Best/Worst case scenario for taking a holiday this summer?
Awww... P will do well ! I got the "smart cookie" vibes for "Ps" in the reading.

Page of Coins

Best: If you take a holiday this summer, it will help you to relax and feel like a little kid again. You will be able to shrug off any responsibilities and guilt and just have fun.

Worst: I think this could be referring to your daughter as well: if you go, the worst thing that could happen would be that the holiday would be more about your daughter than you, and you may find it to be more work and less of a vacation in that sense, but it will still be enjoyable otherwise.

BC/WC scenario for the place I will be staying at ?
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