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Originally Posted by Jagdamba View Post
3 of Cups

Best case: You'll have a supportive community of strong women with you all the way and you'll be successful. You will feel a collective sense of triumph. One of you will be the natural leader even though they may have the quieter personality. Even so, any hierarchy will feel very flattened and democratic in style. The celebrations when the project is finished will be wonderful.

Worst case: You may be confused about how your plans will fit with other peoples expectations. You'll be rubbing up against some strong personalities at times. One person in particular has a temper that flares up quickly. It soon blows over. This project will get you noticed and you may be hesitant about all the attendant fuss and demands by others that you keep a high profile.

Best/Worst case for Ds current car?
King of Coins

Best case - D will feel *king of the road* in this vehicle ? (Not sure here)
Worst case - It's going to take a lot of money to either upkeep (fuel ?) or put right if it needs servicing/parts etc
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