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I hope there will be a study group for this deck. I feel really drawn to it but I am hesitating to place an order because I am frustrated with the lack of information in the guidebook. I saw the YouTube video explanation the creator did for why she switched wands to air and swords to fire, and the explanation made so much sense to me. However she said in that video that she would explain the seasons in the next video. That video was never uploaded (this was a month ago) so it is a bit frustrating.
I am sure with a study group more things could be figured out, but with the suit and season changes, and all the symbolism I wish in the first place that the guidebook would have been better, especially since the creator articulated the changes in a clear way in the video, so I know that her ability to communicate things isn't the issue and that the guidebook could easily have measured up.

Aside from that I also find the Page of Cups confusing with the three people in it.

So I am on the fence for now, but I am leaning more towards getting the deck and just doing a lot of research.
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