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Modern SpellCaster's - Study Group

As previously mentioned in a post about this deck coming out, there was some interest in doing a Study Group for the Modern SpellCasters Tarot.

I love that there is a Magick component (.... *SPELLCASTERS** is in the name after all.....) and I hope that there would be some discussion about that part as well.

The book offers a small amount of guidance regarding the symbols used, mostly the animals and a few of the sigils. Personally, I love that things are not spelled out.

Personally, I'd like to start with the Pentacles but I hope others start threads for the cards they are working on as well.

This is my first study group, so be kind. and also patient with me. I'm still learning who everyone is (and there are a LOT of you!!)

It would be a help to me if folks chimed in here if they are taking this journey as well as what they hope to get out of the Study Group.


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