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...Magick is not just a component - the deck was made for modern Pagan Magick/Spellcasting (And it's original name was The Magical Spellcaster's Tarot before it was changed.).
This (neo-pagan) magick is inherent in the imagery, and evident from the companion booklet - 'The SpellCaster's handbook - a modern approach to spellcasting and paganism'.
The deck creator is the founder of a Coven in the USA (the deck illustrator is Scott Murphy).

JeniReadsTarot - where's your first Pentacle card that you'd like to talk about?
Start the thread.

There should be a separate thread for each card (just had a quick look at how the others are done here - plus if there's enough interest and posts - it might eventually be put into the 'individual deck study' section) where one person starts the topic and everyone else chimes in adding their penny's worth following the OPs comments - plus let's stick to labelling each thread with the same format, so they're easier to find etc.
I am going to kick off with the Majors - going backwards from 21... (no particular reason - just because).

Here's the 1st card thread on the WORLD, 21.

Ahh yes P.S. - what I aim to get out of this study group: fun in sharing, and a deeper learning/understanding of this fantastic new Tarot deck. Hopefully some people will offer their magickal rituals as we go along - as I will (presently working on a charging ritual specifically for this deck - inspired after reading the relevant section of the companion book) so we can have more ritual material to talk about and add to the forum.

*P.S. for the record. I am Wiccan (British Traditional Wicca - progressive. For sticklers).
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