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It is indeed a lovely deck, and I'm glad I added it to my collection. I'm also glad I read here that the artist created it for her young daughter - that explains the "gentling" of the harsher cards, and I don't have a problem with that.

I think it will be really interesting to compare the collage deck I have - Kat Black's two decks and the Distant Past for collage from paintings, and the Stretch and Cult of Weimar for early photography collage. For a long time, I didn't warm to collage decks but now I discovered them, I find them fascinating. The artist works with something existing, so there's a little "resistance" - and room for the material's own volition, so to say.

The whole atmosphere of this deck is elegant, a bit crazy, gentle and refined - like in a world where everybody drinks champagner and bathes in champagner, too ;-)

What a great discovery! Jeri's other decks look beautiful, too.

You have to know quite a lot about tarot in order to make it all look so easy and bright and serene. I understand now why people raved about it :-))))
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