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Size of Golden Tarot

Hi Judy,

The size of the deck is another one of those things that's up to the publishers. I actually designed it at the same size as Victoria Regina (my favourite collaged deck) but then US Games usually publish decks smaller than that, so I also did a version at slightly higher resolution to fit US Games standard sizing.

At one stage, they mentioned that they may do a 'standard' and 'deluxe' version - the latter may be bigger, with metallic accents maybe.

After the editing process, hopefully I'll know more. I'll certainly add any important info about the deck itself (such as size) to my site and also here

I bought Jane Lyle's "The Lovers' Tarot" deck shortly before I finished GT to make sure that I hadn't featured any of the same artworks too prominently. It's well presented - comes in a nice folder with a ribbon and book. I was a bit surprised to see that Jane Lyle didn't actually *make* the deck though, and that the collage artist who did gets a very tiny mention. Perhaps she directed the artist Oliver Burston very closely, but to me it smacked a bit of the Rider-Waite deck, where the artist Pamela Coleman-Smith was given far less credit than she deserved. Maybe I'm biased (being an artist) but I think that the person who physically creates a deck deserves at least co-authorship of a deck, not a small "cards illustrated by..." credit.

Another similar Major-Arcana-only collaged deck that's kinda similar (although not super-sized) is "The Love Tarot" by Sarah Bartlett, illustrated by Nancy Tolford. At least that artist got her name on the box

Both of these decks are worth having a look at, although I couldn't see the point of reading without the Minor Arcana. It was frustration at not having fully illustrated Minors in antique decks that drove me to make GT. If I wanted a stunning Major-Only deck, I'd just pull the pip cards out of my Visconti Sforza!

Maybe for beginners, Majors-only is a good "baby steps" approach, though. Some of the cards in both the Love and Lovers' decks are very pretty, so they're definitely collectable. Both appear to be manually collaged (cut & paste) so they're very different to GT. Also, neither sticks to a particular period as I did, so there are some very modern touches in both.

Hope I haven't made too many enemies! Ah well, you're all welcome to be as equally critical of my deck
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