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True, metallic accents can definitely look cheezy!

I have *no* idea what it's going to look like in print. My lovely lil bro printed out a copy for my own use on a very expensive high-end printer/plotter on glossy card, and I can't believe how beautiful it looks. The richness of the gilt is so lush, and the dark, sumptuous colours look velvety on the shiny card. It's really stunning (if I *do* say so myself!).

Unfortunately I don't think commercial production could make a viable high-gloss version. Also, it probably wouldn't be very hard-wearing for everyday usage - although I've been carrying mine around for 3 months now to show it off to anyone who will look and it's holding up OK. So far they've all said "Wow, so preeetty" so I'm hoping the final deck comes somewhere near that response.
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