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Lightbulb 9-card combined spread

A friend of mine was asking if I could do a reading for her that might give some insight into her health and feelings and why she is where she is now etc. Basically she was asking about some of the roots of her "mind-body-spirit" and where she's going. I came up with this spread to help her answer these questions... Hopefully, I'll be trying it out for her tomorrow night.

The spread basically combines the 3-card Past-Present-Future spread with the 3-card Mind-Body-Spirit spread. My thought was that the P-P-F would be read across, while the M-B-S would be read downwards. Hence, position 1, would be past mental states, 4, present mental state, etc. Diagonal relationships would be important as well; 1-5-9 might be read as how one's past mental state is affecting their present health situation and how this may affect their spiritual growth in the future.


Edited to add;

Sorry... got interrupted... that's the problem with doing this stuff at work.

So... your single card positions are;

1=past state of mind
2=past state of health
3=past spiritual issues

4=present state of mind or something you need to work on
5=present health issues
6=present place in your spiritual growth (or something that is needed)

7=where your psyche is going, or something you will need to work on.
8=future health concerns
9=where you are headed spiritually, or something that will help you along your spiritual path

Now, I can't recall seeing this anywhere before, so if it has appeared before, please let me know. Also anxious to hear your thoughts on it. I'll report on how the reading with this goes.

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