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Hi Arwen,

Very interesting spread! I will try it out soon.

My writing problem is a 10-year-old major, ten-foot-thick-brick-wall kind of block. It happened just after a publisher asked to see some stuff I was working on.
Something very similar happened to me about 5 years ago. Two publishers liked my short stories, but because there really isn;t much of a market for those here, they wanted me to write a novel (which I had already started, anyway). I have some great beginnings, and even one that is about 1/4 finished and all plotted-out (which may be part of the problem; I usually make it up as I go along. But darn it, I *like* that plot!).
I finished a few short stories and some song lyrics in that time, but not many.

Someone on this site did a reading for me on this subject, and he said I had to examine what 'success' means for me - turns out it is mainly something that frightens me.....

Even health problems, I have those, too - lots of time on my hands, but I;m completely unable to make good use of it, usually.

I hope you will manage to take your brick wall down, or climb over it, walk around it, or whatever.

Maybe just write a novel about a brick wall....
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