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Originally Posted by Aerin
I had this card in a reading for someone. There, it came down to - do you want to take control of your own life and decisions? Or do you want to have those decisions made for you by someone else? So there, it was about the need to take responsibility for a decision and their own journey.

It occurred to me at the time that in some circumstances the querent might the one doing the carting.
This is my impression of this card's significance as well. I'm not really comfortable with this card, because I'm used to the sixes as being generally positive, including the six of swords. Like the RWS, there is the same sense of a journey underway, but in the Sweet Twilight, the journey is in chains. That can't be a good thing. If it's seen as signifying controlling behavior, then it's a bad thing whether the querent is being controlled by someone or is the one doing the controlling.

I don't have the LWB with me right now, but doesn't it say something about voluntarily submitting to captivity? The angel has wings and can normally soar wherever it wishes, but it has chosen instead to be bound and carted along by others. That's sad. Perhaps in some circumstances, it may signify someone who doesn't trust their own judgment, their ability to soar aloft on their own wings. This could be someone who lacks confidence or self-esteem and has yielded control of his or her life to others.

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