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Originally Posted by Thirteen View Post
Those "two's" certainly indicate the "way out" of the 5's conflict. That all is not lost, for example, in the 5/Cups. Mostly, however, the 5's are "you're upsetting things, get in line!" or "I think you should allow me in the line as I am" (that's the two people outside the church...the church says, "You can't come in as you are" and they say, "We should be allowed in as we are..." Stalemate with neither side happy.

5's are "how much does this matter to you? How willing are you to stand by what you believe/want etc. and not bend?" 5's are all about questioning what matters to you. At what point do you say, "That's not negotiable"? 6's are about restoring equality. You give some, you get some and harmony returns. This *is* negotiable.

7's are more about being able to get past a roadblock. Something isn't working/happening, and the person isn't able or willing to see why it's not working/happening. This is because there is an element of illusion in the 7's ("it worked before when I did this..."). Everything came together smoothly and beautifully in the 6's...but it's not in the 7's and the individual is left frustrated. 7 is often the number of the seeker. Meaning the person has to actively search for and find the truth. And that may take time and effort. But once they find it, they will get past this obstacle in their path.
Alternate (???) interpretation:

4 (Emperor/4 of Coins): stability of this world, this society, storing up earthy treasures

5 (Hierophant/5 of Coins): instability of this world, heavenly treasures

6 (Lovers/6 of Coins): communion in Eden on the 6th day/giving and receiving

7 (Chariot/7 of Coins): crowning victory/ completion of work of creation, Sabbath rest
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