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Originally posted by Kiama
A biro is a pen. Don't know if you have htem in the US, but w have htem over here in the UK for sure... And litle sisters, Tarot decks, and biros do NOT mix.
That reminds me. DON'T let my brother anywhere near my cards. Ever. He's 36 now, yet I still don't trust him with my stuff since over the years he has (in error and with well meaning):

Ruined my favourite book 'Books, books, books' that I got when I was 2 and kept PERFECT I tell you until he got his sticky mitts on it (me age 9, him 3) and put indelible biro marks, sticky finger prints and general yuck all over it. And he tore the dust cover and broke the spine as well;

Nicked my coloured pencils out of my room and lost/ gave away about half of them

Made my favourite Piatnik Patience pack all sticky

Took my records and sold them while I was at college

Broke my water jug

Pulled my coat hanging rack off the wall

Broke a kitchen drawer

etc etc etc.

Younger siblings X decks = 3 of Swords

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