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Originally Posted by sapienza
.....did anyone else notice that it's the same bird as the one on the Emperor's shoulder? How wonderful Place links the Emperor to air so this makes quite a lot of sense.
Wow, thanks for pointing that out Sapienza. That opens up a whole new range of meanings for me in regard to this Emperor. Initially I wasn't sure what to make of the image (while wondering where the Fire had gone) but the more I gaze at it, the more I see Logic/Linear Mind/Left Brain and how all of that ties in with psycholgical themes related to Executive Function or what is also called cognitive control, which would be very much related to the element Air.

Executive functions is a term synonymous with cognitive control, and used by psychologists and other neuroscientists to describe a loosely defined collection of brain processes whose role is to guide thought and behaviour in accordance with internally generated goals or plans. Often, the executive functions are invoked when it is necessary to override responses that may otherwise be automatically elicited by stimuli in the external environment. For example, on being presented with a potentially rewarding stimulus, such as a tasty piece of chocolate cake, the automatic response might be to take a bite. However, where this behaviour conflicts with internal plans (such as having decided not to eat chocolate cake whilst on a diet), the executive functions might be engaged to inhibit this response.
Is all of that too heady? In any event, the King of Swords as well as the Emperor would both be masters of the executive function, able to follow plans to a "T," without deviation or remorse.
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