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"Hard time psychologically? How does that translate to feelings for another? Perhaps this might not be applicable for my current reading but thank you for sharing."

Sliding into depression, giiving into obsession, detachment (not the good kind), maybe even substance abuse as a consequence of psychological strain triggered by these feelings for this person.

That is the absolute WORSE case scenario which might seem similar to The Devil but in my experience in that case excess, lust, gluttony are enjoyed and indulged in and aren't the byproduct of psychological strain but more akin to debauchery.

The Moon could be feelings that lead you to withdraw and obsess on reading the tarot for someone day after day after day.

Again, this is the worse possible scenario.

But at best The Moon for feelings has come up for situations where someone wasn't clear about them at all. Oddly for a major it doesn't signal something far off in time, but something current and not something that lasts very long either.

This is all just my experience and I'd take it with a grain of salt as no one seems to share such bleak views on The Moon as I do.
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