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Tyldwick - Two of Cups

In this card is an image of a formal English garden; several yards apart are two huge pots of flowers. Both the pots and flowers are similar, indicating a relationship between people who may enjoy the same hobbies, have the same goals, share the same beliefs, or endorse the same political party. What they have in common is the spark that can create an abiding friendship, partnership or romantic commitment. Likewise, the slim, pyramid-shaped garden ornaments between the pots may represent common friends who introduce the pair to each other. The formality of the garden suggests that this is not a "one of" encounter; this relationship will develop some roots and grow if given a chance by both people.
On another note, this card may also tell of a reconciliation between people. In this case, remembering their original common interests and goals may help them set aside their petty grievances and mend the relationship.
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