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17:1 I did the 4 of Pentacles exercise. It was uncomfortable to be all hunched over like that and holding onto such a big pentacle. I didn't like having to balance that one on my head, either. When I tried to get a sense of what I'm holding onto in my life, what I kept thinking about was some recent memories that I would like to let go of but I'm having some trouble with that. Now that I think about it maybe what I really need to let go of is the desire to let it go!

I felt better when I shrunk the size of the big pentacle, and when I absorbed all of them into my body I felt more stable and strong. The big pentacle seemed to go into my stomach, which is where I often notice strong emotions like fear. I'm not sure what this means but one possibility is if I do more exercises like this, my body will feel more integrated with itself and I'll feel more stable.

17:2 My chosen card is The World from the Tarot of Prague. It was impossible to stand like she is standing because she is balanced the toes of one foot. But since she is obviously dancing, I did that too, but it was a little awkward. For one thing, I have a sprained little toe so it isn't the best time to be doing this. Also, I didn't have music on so I didn't really feel like dancing. I see now that I should have tried music. But even with the limitations, I did get a sense of freedom from it. Also, it was significant to me that she has turned her body around to see who is following her. It indicates to me that she is not at all concerned with herself, but with those who are coming behind her. That is a big deal to me at this time. I feel I'm way too self-conscious and self-involved, and it was interesting to feel, if only momentarily, the freedom of letting that go.

I think I will try this with other cards. I can see where it can be a powerful tool.
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