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21 Ways...Step Seventeen RWS The Emperor


It was difficult to balance the one on my head and manage the one in my center. I realized that to balance the one on my head I would have to sit a certain way, which was not very comfortable. I became aware of pressing on the pentacles under my feet. It was a very awkward position for me to sit in. I had to focus on the pentacles. It was no a happy place.

As I began to imagine absorbing the one in the center, it went into my solar plexus, where it provided warmth and support. Then I absorbed the others. Now I was free to play. No worries. My wealth isnít external it is now internal as it should be.

What was I was holding on to? The first thing that came to mind was my perceived victim hood.

Action? Get over it!

My placement: That I can provide myself with the warmth and support I need and still have enough to share.


I sat like the Emperor and realized how difficult and uncomfortable it is to sit in that position for any length of time. He sits on a concrete stone, imagine that. My back got tired I became tense in the shoulders. No wonder he looked so stern. He must be quite impatience as well, yet he sits day in and day out the picture of authority and power. Without complaint. He must control his feelings as much as he rules his environment.

The Emperor: ďI didnít ask to be the Emperor yet I am the Emperor and I must perform my duties, as I see them, for the good of all.Ē

The action suggested by the card: You must carry the ankh proudly and with grace.

What in my life, can I relate to this action? Take responsibility for my life, we donít get to choose which life we have but we get to choose how we respond to what life presents us.
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