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I love the Strength card. So gentle and yet it IS a lion. Reminds me of our cat Cubby. looks just like him.

The 9 of Swords. .....expresses just what I feel like when the worries of the day keep me awake at night.

The Empress, she's just beautiful.

Temperance, i'm not usually a fan of angels, but this one is just so.....angelic.

The queen of cups. this is what i consider "my card" i feel the most connection with the queen of cups of all the cards, and this one is just done so beautifully

the queen of swords.....i love it. you can just feel her attitude coming through.

the star, so open, and just expressive and beautiful.

and the high priestess. I feel like I know her and shes' speaking directly to me.
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