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Originally Posted by Moongold
We have been joined by a few others - Welcome all

And here is an update on the card choices so far:

0 Fool - Moongold
I Magician - Maggie Bell
II High Priestess -Helvetica
III Empress - Rosanne
IV Emperor - Contrascarpe
V Hierophant
VI Lovers: MeeWah
VII Chariot - Mimers
VIII Strength - Jewel-ry
IX Hermit
X Wheel of Fortune
XI Justice: Sekhem-Ma'at
XII Hanged Man: SweetIsTheTruth
XIII Death
XIV Temperance
XV Devil
XVI Tower: SweetIsTheTruth
XVII Star: Jewel_ry
XX Judgement
XXI World

If you'd like to put up your hand for others, please do.

A very big welcome, SweetIsTheTruth!
Thanks for the welcome. You know, I am so greedy I could take more cards, but I fear two things:

1. My interpretetations won't completely jibe with this deck.
2. I don't want to be greedy and take more than others might.
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