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Here is the uptodate list

0 Fool - Moongold
I Magician - Maggie Bell
II High Priestess -Helvetica
III Empress - Rosanne
IV Emperor - Contrascarpe
V Hierophant: Moongold
VI Lovers: MeeWah
VII Chariot - Mimers
VIII Strength - Jewel-ry
IX Hermit: Rosanne
* X Wheel of Fortune
XI Justice: Sekhem-Ma'at
XII Hanged Man: SweetIsTheTruth
XIII Death: Emily
XIV Temperance: Mimers
XV Devil: SweetIsTheTRuth
XVI Tower: SweetIsTheTruth
XVII Star: Jewel_ry
* XVIII Moon: Moongold
XIX Sun: Moongold
XX Judgement: Aaquwaa
* XXI World

* = Waiting for someone
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