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The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot - 12 Zombi

With all the new interest in this deck, I pulled a few cards. One was Zombie (12).

On first impressions, this does not look to be one of the more comfortable cards in the deck. A woman stands on a slab amongst a durgy green ocean of slime - probably a swamp. Around her waist is a snake and she reaches up and tilts her head back (reminds me a little of the RWS Magician).

Around her is some kind of mist or spirit. It gently passes through her fingers but she doesn't hold it.

This, in my opinion, does not appear to be a great place. This is not somewhere which I would like to be. The platform on which she stands is small amongst a vast backdrop of nothingness and is surrounded by this deep, dark pool of thick liquid. Unless she manages to gain help from whatever she is summoning, I doubt she will have much other luck. It is generally (or at least, feels) quite an anxious card with feelings of desperation and many limitations for progress.

Voodoo Zombies


In the book, we are told that purpose has fled, nothing moves within the head, nothing moves through stagnant emptiness, footsteps sound leading nowhere. Here the dark will not come and the light will not shine. Actions do not show success of failure. Conclusion is forgotten in numb repetition

Hmm. Nice.

The card is about some kind of sacrifice. I suppose that on occasion, for some reason or another, when sacrificing something or giving something up, we can feel dead, like this zombi. Many people walk the earth with no passion, drive and their steps can be repetitious and dull - a boring existance for them.

But I get the impression that this 'death' has been put on the person from outside, and not something that they have enforced on themselves.

Will read some more into this and get back to the thread. But it does highlight my own life somewhat. While not working and having nothing going on, I can relate to this figure. I feel like I have also become the 'walking dead' - just going about my own repetitious routine without any passion or drive. I think I will mail my agencies, lol.

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