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Have been thinking a lot more about this card. Especially in light of my own situations.

It really could be a perfect daily draw; which I suppose it was, since I pulled it at random.

What am I doing with my life? I am looking for work. Well, I say that I am but I am not doing very much about it. I have three main agencies who are supposed to be looking too, but they have brought up very little. And weeks pass. They turn into months.

This is one card that I can link with traditional tarot. Like the 'Hanged Man', there is a pause. A stepping back. A period that is enforced. Someone has been made to withdraw, unlike the conscious Hermit archetype.

And here, it is not a pleasant withdrawal. It is like a death. As Martinie and Glassman say 'The victim helplessly witnesses their own death and then continues to live that death'. This is kind of how I feel. It is not completely my fault that I am not working. Everyone was made redundant. And now, it seems that there is little about in terms of what I want to do. So I have been forced to withdraw and live this monotonous period.

I should appreciate my time at home. Doing things like this for starters. But sometimes, I feel lost, like the Zombi. Just going about the same old daily business gets repetitious and I find myself dreaming and sleeping, with little grasp of reality. So this card makes sense today.

There is such hopelessness in that swamp. It is like one big dead pool of nothingness - vast and deep. You would hate to fall into it. It is a like a depression. So to avoid it, you stand on the platform, balancing. Grabbing at hope - 'Ti Bon Ange' (small good angel). But in this situation, you can not catch her.

Not a happy card. But I am enjoying getting to know it, since it makes sense and I can really feel it.

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