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In my research on the internet, I read that the snake is associated with Damballah, a benevolent father figure, loving and innocent, but he doesn't communicate well. Although Damballah is associated with the snake, the snake is not worshipped as is commonly thought by those who don't know voodoo well.

And I recall also reading the the making of a person into a zombi was done as a punishment. It wasn't a permanent state, but was one of the most severe punishments that could be given. It was accomplished by the use of potent herbs. I'll go see if I can find the exact information again and I'll come back and post it. I don't find it in my written notes. My guess is that the snake is there to accompany the zombi in a benevolent way to get through the zombi state, and that the sewing of the lips shut with a snake is just a symbol of the fact that neither Damballah nor the zombi can communicate with people well.
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