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Here's a short definition:

These folkloric zombies are humans who have had their "Ti Bon Ange" or soul stolen by supernatural means and shamanic medicine, and are forced to work for their "zombie master" as uncomplaining slaves on isolated plantations.

And here's a link to some information. Sometimes you have to search around awhile to find really good information and I was in a hurry, so I can't vouch for how good this is. It's a start. My search in Google was for "Voodoo zombi". If I took more time, I could find better links. The ones you find that are made by practitioners of Voodoo are usually the better ones.

I watched a Discovery channel program once that was examining the zombi phenomenon and their conclusion was that these were people who weren't really dead but had been sent into a deep, deep coma and only seemed dead, which is why later on they seemed to rise from the dead. They were simply coming out of the deep coma, often with residual brain damage and an inability to speak.

From my medical knowledge, I know that a person who suffers brain damage to a certain part of the brain is unable to speak, although they can do other actions. My guess would be that whatever potion is used to render a person a zombi, it has a severe affect specifically on the language center in the brain as well as other areas.

I haven't found that original article I read yet, but I'm sure it said that these effects can be reversed by the one who created the zombi. Don't know that for positive yet till I find the original article, though. But it's possible that's why the book says the snake offers hope of possible salvation.
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