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Originally posted by contrascarpe96
I see this as a highly intuitive type of deck - one of the reasons I love the LS decks so much.
Me too.

Mj07, I think it is fascinating that this card was drawn to represent your birth. If we look at the card, the four wands could represent the actual birth-vessel, and the person running forth could represent the newborn child.

Anyway... on another note... what has she been up to in those woods?! Hahaha. I sometimes think that she looks almost like she has been having a 'secret' rendezvous with a lover, and that the card depicts her returning from that rendezvous feeling rejuvenated and full of energy. Oh, and she has forgotten to put her clothes on!!!

I agree with what has been said before re. the card's connection with celebrations. I very much see this card a a joyous card... energy is high, and there is a general positive feeling.

With regards to the LWB, I too cannot see how 'unsatisfactory reward' relates to the image on the card. Oooo... but I do have to disagree with what has been said before, and state that I have read the LWB... not so much the interpretations, BUT the little story of the land of Secrets. Quite a nice little story.
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