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Step ONE : Robin Wood , Four Of Cups

There's a man with blonde hair, dressed in baggy pants with a belt and a collered white shirt with cuffs at the bottom of each sleeve. He not wearing any shoes. He's sitting up against a very wide tree with vines growing onto it. The branches dont have any leaves and the branches are hanging down. The tree has a patch of dirt around it, but outside that patch there is very green grass. This man has his right leg up and is resting his right arm on his knee. He has his left leg resting on the ground with his left arm resting on top. There is a shiny cup shining on his right and it's floating in mid-air. The cup has carvings of images on it and a diamond is placed in the middle of a carved flower. There are three more cups placed on the ground right in front of him and they are carved with images as well. It's a cloudy day.
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