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21 Ways- Step One
Step One * Medieval Scapini * XVIII The Moon

In my Moon card the crab dominates the pool of water it's emerging from.The claws are almost larger than it's head.
Just beyond the crab a silver wolf on the left side is howling up at the sky, voicing it's agitation. A docile Egyptian style dog on the right sits, looking patiently at the wolf, for it to be done. Two towers stand behind the animals, the left looking shorter, the right looking taller, or nearer & farther?
A wizard stands atop the left tower with tools in his hands. He seems to be studying or measuring something in the distance. The right tower has only a telescope
High above, the face of the moon is stern as it looks down towards the wizard. In the cloudy sky, drops seem to be raising back up.
The sky beyond the towers is golden, with a pattern like a royal cloth. Far, far in the distance is just the glimmer of snow covered mountains.

This is the Moon card I have held in my hand.
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