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Step ONE: The Gilded Tarot, Six of Swords

The Six of Swords in The Gilded Tarot is an enchanting and tranquil scene. We have a late night sky which looks to be turning towards early morning dawn. The moon is full, and takes up most of the sky. It looks as though there are some remains of clouds. Perhaps there was a storm when she first began her journey. What remains of the sky is dotted with twinkling stars. A woman is standing up, rowing a boat across fairly calm waters with a wooden staff. The boat is filled with six swords. Behind the woman, are some trees. They appear to be Weeping Willow trees perhaps. In front of her, there is a frog hiding in some grass and ferns next to the water. She is wearing a flowing blue robe that is lined with white fur.

This is the Six of Swords from The Gilded Tarot.
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