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As well as 'mouths' PhYVTh means 'edges' of blades suchs as knives, daggers, swords a connection again with 'cutting'; the connection with 'word' and 'circumcision' is reiterated and is reflected in the apparent phallic symbolism of the card. The 'necklace', among other things, may refer to the ring of circumcised flesh.

The 'bride' is Nukva, Malkuth, a title of which is Aterah, which means both crown and also the glans of the circumcised penis. A variation on the theme is alluded to in the Ace of Swords.

As circumcision is a 'mark' of Jewish identity so the card should be placed on the right side of the tree [the side of the Jews according to the Zohar]; I place it between Netzach and Chesed [opposite the Sun that I place beteen Hod and Din, on the left side of the 'foreigner' as alluded to with Ra [left side and the Sun] with Romulus and Remus, Egyptians and Romans]; which also fits it with the venusian and jupiterian symbolism.

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