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Originally Posted by tarot4fun
Knight of Wands

From the LWB~
The horse~

The first thing I notice when looking at this card is the covered horse. As form of transportation the horse can represent our personal journey and moving forward. In a mystical sense, the horse can represent an inward or a shamanic journey. So why the cloak? This fancy fabric could represent how the knight feels about his spiritual path ~ an outward, creative expression of the inward journey.
I found your thoughts here quite interesting, as I never saw it in this way before. I'm going to pay more attn to this card when it pops up and see if I can see this meaning there.

generally I use to see this knight as someone who was antsy. looking for some action and something to do when there is nothing going on. like he wants to prove himself somehow. impulsive. also about traveling though, as all the knights I feel can be interpreted that way. with this knight, I feel if symbolizing a trip--it's something fun and exciting, as he seems like he is really looking for excitement in his life.
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