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not permenent.....

......just a start
She seems to be 'dabbling' with an idea.
Perhaps in her quest for material gain she has somehow come across some brushes & paints. She has no paper to create what she is seeing in her mind. Her critters seem rather curious to what she is doing. What is this Fey up to?
There is that old wives tale (which experience has shown me that it's true) that when your palm itches, you are coming into some money. Maybe this Fey is 'setting-up' her fortune, after all she's not a Fey with any wealth, notice the tears in her clothing? she is the only Fey in the deck with worn out clothes.
I find it amusing that in SACTII, Alissa's Ace is a hand with a mandalla henna tatoo. She was totally unaware of this Fey.
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