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When I think about a connection between the ideas "Milky way" and "Aquarius", thn I find to the conditions, that in the Manilius astrology the goddess Juno alias Hera reigned in the month Februar and was so connected to just Aquarius.

Minerva- Aries
Venus - Taurus
Apollo - Gemini
Mercury - Cancer
Jupiter - Leo
Ceres - Virgo
Vulcan - Libra
Mars - Scorpio
Diana - Sagittarius
Vesta - Cappricorn
Juno - Aquarius
Pisces - Neptun

The Manilius astrology became known in Italy, when the Florentine Poggio discovered some old texts in German cloister libraries during his stay at the council of Constance. The Manilius poem seems to have been his most important finding then.

The text exploded in its importance, when duke Borso took it as a model for the paintings in grandious paintings in Palazzo Schifanoia. The work started 1469. In 1472 appeared editions of the Manilius edition parallel in Ferrara and Nurrember (there Regiomontanus as publisher). Then it seems, that the astrology/astronomy of Manilius, was quickly overcome by other, more common astronomical models ... it was not completely forgotten, but the influence stayed small.
(Wikipedia mentions only the Regiomontanus edition, but there was one 1472
in Ferrara)

For the Juno painting in Palazzo Schifanoia .. it think, it was lost ... (error ?, I don't believe it)

But from the situation it's clear, that an iconographicul action took place once (probably around 1471) in Ferrara, the location, where also Tarot cards were produced, to connect Juno with Aquarius. Generally we find Aquarius near to Eridanus, the river in which Phaethon found its end.
This scene found its expression in the Mantegna Tarocchi, from which the hypothesis states, that it was made ca. 1475, not ca. 1465 - in this case after the Palazzo Schifanoia paintings (in the Juno case unknown to us). It's a scene, where the young hero drops dead from the triumphal chariot - surely a speaking picture in the time, when whole Italy fevered about this new Trionfi custom. But the star picture Eridanus is long, so it could be associated by this logic to Aquarius or Pisces or to both.

So I don't know ...

Hera-Juno was naturally connected to the "Milky Way" legend with Herakles - ... indeed, occasionally in antique texts it was not Herakles, but Mercury, who caused the milk spill over the heaven, so Hera-Juno was the central and probably original figure, not Herakles.
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