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I just had a incredible experience using this spread.

I basically asked whether a annoying person will soon be exiting my life.

So I shuffled the deck and prepared to do the spread.
Then something told me to spilt the deck into 3 parts and put the bottom deck on top.

So I did that. And guess what.............the first card was the Ace of Cups!
So I figured I might as well stop dealing the cards. But then I decided to check the rest of the cards. Guess what the second card was.............The Ace of Swords!

The first two cards were Aces! Keep in mind this was after I decided to cut the deck a certain way when I wasnt even planning to do it.

I decided to check some more cards and the sixth card turned out to be the Ace of Pentacles!


I can take that a definite yes that this person will not be involved in my life much longer. Plus the other cards supported the answer I was giving.

This really amazed me because I wasnt even planning to cut the deck I was just going to deal the cards regularly after shuffling them.

This spread seems to work for me just fine. My new job and a romantic situation on it have been predicted by the spread.

I will keep using the spread and noting what happens.
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