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Originally Posted by blueviolet
I also try to take into account -- especially with Y/N answers, that everything is dynamic, always changing. People involved have free will, which affects the outcome. And the time we ask the question, perhaps it's possible then, or not likely then, but then as time rolls the possibility gets altered.
Hi, Blueviolet : ) Yeah know what you mean in regards to the changing dynamics of a situation. I always try to take into account that circumstances and events can easily change therefore altering the original predicted outcome.

Wood33 - Hi there : ) Right, so I get the idea of interpreting the cards that lead to the Ace or Mage. So, how do you look at it, for example, when you get a "yes" to something that in reality turns out to be a "no". Does it mean that all the cards that led up to this Ace (in order for it to happen) simply didn't happen?

Professor X - please let us know if this annoying person does, in fact, exit your life soon : )
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